About Queen Noble Art.

II have been drawing since my childhood. It started with drawing characters from Disney such as Donald Duck, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,

Thumper, Little Red Riding Hood, etc.

At first I mainly drew with pencil, charcoal and graphite markers (a kind of

pencils but slightly different). Then I started with Indian ink and crown pens.

In the 1980s I started experimenting with watercolor and oil paint. Watercolor

soon had my preference, because I found it very annoying to have to wait a

long time for the oil paint to dry.

From about 2000 I made my first painting with acrylic paint. Acrylic paint gives

me the comparable possibilities of oil paint in working on canvas and about

the drying times of watercolor. Acrylic paint has my preference.
At the momentI work a lot with Indian ink and experiment with a special

technique in acrylic.

I am currently also experimenting digitally on a drawing tablet and

laptop. However, there is no digital work on my site yet.

I was born in 1960 in Amersfoort. I'm Self-taught.

  Regina Patricia Schuurman
Queen Noble Art Regina Patricia Schuurman T: +31 6 120 86 799 •  Email: info@queennobleart.com